Friday, January 8, 2016

That Cloaky Bastard!

It seems baiting out the Disco Proteus is the fashionable thing to do lately. I'm not logging in all that much, but when I do it's invariably a fucking trap. Which brings me to this morning.

I log in to check my connections only to find just the static HiSec open and no activity in system. It's morning so I'm not on for long, I update siggy and decide I'll clear the Frostline site before shuffling off to work. Well, I land in the Frostline site and suddenly there's an Astero on D-Scan. Too late now, he's no doubt spotted me, I may as well keep smart bombing these rats and if he's dumb enough to warp in for tackle he'll get instantly vapourized. He doesn't warp in though, stays on D-Scan and I locate him with an alt at a Data site before long.

I finish the Frostline site and re-ship into Night Fever and set myself at a perch off the Data site. This explorer has a history, although it's a bit of a mixed bag and there's really no conclusions I can draw from it. The fact he didn't get scared off by a Rokh on D-Scan has me suspicious however, could I really be getting baited again?

I decided to try a drive by. The can he's working on has no debris nearby so I can warp in at 10 km's, align to a moon and if a tackler de-cloaks I'll be gone before his cloaking delay is up. So I align, get with 8km's, uncloak and spam F1 to F5, hoping for explosions but expecting something more. Sure enough, a Proteus uncloaks and I immediately hit warp, making my escape from yet another trap. I've really got to stop writing about this shit!

The funny part was the antagonist in this instance was ggnoreTT, aka Cloaky Bastard. If you're not a reader of his blog, do yourself a favour. He gets into some funny W-Space shenanigans.

Turns out I was pretty damn lucky and was saved not by being aligned but by Cloaky Bastard's impatience. His Astero bait was tanked specifically to resist my Proteus and tackle it until his Proteus could get back up tackle. Apparently the only salvo I loosed didn't even make it to the armour whereas in the past two cycles have vapourized every Astero I've encountered in the Red Giant system.

I got lucky, and now my watch list is a few pilots heavier. ;)


  1. I can't wait to write the story from my side. I was really bummed by the outcome as I put my heart in this trap. :)

  2. I think that's what the last guy said, too. Despite catching my Astero, he was quite annoyed he missed out on the Proteus. I guess I'll keep riding my luck. =]

  3. Get a room you two.

    Geez, far too much love in WH space.

  4. Heh, you and Cloaky are the only two blogs on my bookmark bar <3

  5. Been so much fun following this. And I got to roam with Bex on Saturday night for the first time. Glad to see you in our in-game channel (Wormhole PVP Channel) I had a blast roaming with you and everyone else.

    -Orunis Sobek


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