Thursday, January 21, 2016

Always bet on Black

Way back when I trained into Capitals I really had no clue why I was doing it other than I just wanted to own a Carrier and a Dreadnaught. I had almost no appreciation of the skills I'd have to train along with the Spaceship Command ones and even getting them done to Level 4 was a significant time investment. An investment that has never really paid off, to be fair. Oh sure, there was that time in Mai when Cracker and I undocked on a pair of NC. Carriers that had "mysteriously" drifted off the Station undock, blapping them mercilessly with the Moros and Revelation even as their reinforcements were cyno'ing in around us, unable to save their stricken friends. Then there was the time I suicide jumped a Moros into a Mate roam with the express intent of blowing up Bam Stroker's Chimera; but other than that, my experience with Capitals has been underwhelming. I haven't invested any skills to level V other than Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration to make the most of Tech II Siege modules, now of course Tech II Capital Weapons are on the horizon and any serious Dreadnaught pilot will be wanting those. It's just... i'm not a serious Dreadnaught pilot. I'm an opportunistic one, at best.

Just when I thought opportunism might come knocking again, the rug has been well and truly yanked from under me. I'm moving to Aridia in the coming days to live out of a HiSec pocket surrounded by LowSec systems and W-Space connections with the hope of finding regular content. I've begun gathering my things and planning my fleet composition when it occurred to me this would be a great time to finally use my carriers to, at the very least, shuttle my stuffs into position. Having a Dreadnaught nearby couldn't hurt either.  So it's over to DOTLAN to plan my Navigation and.... 12 fucking jumps. Do I really want to put up with chaining rookie ships for 12 jumps just so I can move a few ships and maybe a Dreadnaught or am I better off just dropping 250 million ISK on Black Frog Freight and having it all magically show up in station one day?

Black Frog wins that argument, every time. So once again, due largely to the jump restrictions placed on capitals a little while ago, my capital fleet remains unused. Why do I bother?

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