Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Flying Start

The move to Aridia has so far yielded many lols and some funny kills; I think I like it here. To kick things off I moved out to the region in an Astero to try and find a Wormhole chain that would aid me in bringing some ships in. We're in a two system HiSec pocket surrounded by LowSec systems so it seemed the best option. With no good connections in our staging system I moved one jump over to the only other HiSec system, drop probes and slow boat back to the gate. I've only just started probing system when a Sabre with a criminal flag jumps in. I don't think too much of it, there's plenty of people with poor security status in an area surrounded by LowSec, but I turned on my Damage Control regardless. Immediately the Sabre burns towards me, tackles and starts shooting. I wasn't going to miss out on a free kill for anyone, so I returned the scram and the Sabre pilot realised his error all too late.

During our move operation Iyokus jumped a gate in HiSec to find a Tengu being wailed on by a couple of war targets. Being a lover of mischief, he yellow boxed the Tengu himself, who promptly fired on him scoring Iyokus a kill with the assistance of Concord. There is no limit to human stupidity. But the real fun was yet to come.

This morning we find a very convenient R943 connection in our staging area connecting us to a C2 Black hole system with a HiSec connection. At first we thought it would be a handy route to bring in more goods but then we noticed a bit of Orca traffic in and out of the HiSec connection. Some new residents were setting up a tower. So of course we proceeded to camp the HiSec, only four jumps from Dodixie to welcome the Orca back on his return. In the process of waiting we had a couple of explorers wander in who we had to dispatch, but one in particular got very angry and came back with haste in a Vexor, only to lose that too. Just as we've cleaned away all of the wrecks and cleared up D-Scan, the Orca's scout Astero jumps in, burns off the hole and cloaks up. We hold our nerve, remaining invisible, waiting for the prize. Minutes later there is wormhole fire and the Orca presents itself. We immediately uncloak and burn for its position. He cloaks up, but his fate is sealed with three ships converging on his last visible position and uncloaking him in just a few seconds. The three of us get tackle and start pounding on his shields and bumping him away from the safety of HiSec. Then there is fire on the Wormhole behind us, reinforcements? Of a sort; a corp mate of his in a Thorax was the offending ship but he wasn't too interested in sticking around, warping off to POS and leaving his stricken friend. The next move was a strange one but the Orca pilot clearly knows he's doomed so he jettisons a Nighthawk from his Ship, boards it and we quickly tackle it and start withering away at the shields. It's clearly not geared up for DPS and poses no threat allowing us to dispatch it and the Orca in short order. Oddly, no kill mail turns up for the Orca, so we've taken screen shots and sent off a petition. No idea what will come of it, probably nothing, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. =]


  1. Ah, you are stying in the Sazilid-Shenda island. I used the place for a short while when i did exploration. It have good traffic. Hope you get the Orca`s kill-report.

    1. That's the spot, seems like a decent place for content so far. =]


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