Monday, January 25, 2016

Coming Out

In my last post I wailed on Wingspan a bit for their seemingly exclusive modus operandi of picking fights with those that are unable to defend themselves. I've received some criticism for this with the argument being made that my killboard and tactics more similarly resembles theirs than I'd like to admit. Despite clearly stating in my last post that I'd be a hypocrite to suggest I don't do it myself, I'd like to address that.

I consider myself an equal opportunity PvPer. Will I gank the Epithal pilot doing his milk run? Yes. The miner huffing on gas in his 20K ISK Venture? For sure. The newbie explorer hacking a Relic site? Absolutely. Does this make me just like Wingspan? No. No it doesn't.

I live in W-Space specifically because of the unknown. The level of paranoia that you have to operate with just keeps it engaging, for me at least. The chief problem I find is content. As an Australian time zone pilot, my hours of operation are conspicuously light on population regularly logging in to find only 15,000 players online and only a fraction of those scattered amongst the over 2,000 Wormhole systems. We down under W-Space types really are starved of PvP content of any significance. Our evenings are invariably spent hunting any pilot we can find, regardless of what they're doing. As such, our best chance of getting a good fleet fight invariably comes from POS or POCO timers. If your enemy has a deadline, you can plan a time to have your people assembled to meet the coming wave. But those instances where you stumble upon like minded PvP groups? Well, they're few and far between for us Aussies, so we satisfy our appetites on whatever falls our plate.

It's not what we want to do, it's what we're forced to do. For Wingspan, it's all they do. But chin up, lads. At least you're not grinding rocks for a living.

For those wondering what happened with the POS siege, well, as expected, when a defence fleet arrived the aggressors faded into the ether. The POS owner was able to safely extract all of his high value items, Marauders, Faction Battleships and the remainder were abandoned in the off chance that the POS owners could maintain hole control when the reinforcement timer came around. Alas, they could not, heavily out numbered they either logged off or went AFK so I set the Chimera to self destruct and passed on the insurance ISK to their CEO. If nothing else comes of this, they learned some important lesson on POS defence. It goes something like this...

1. Always keep at least one hauler in your SMA full of POS guns and ammunition. Even under reinforcement they can be anchored and onlined from the safety of the force field and used to destroy not just aggressors, but interdiction bubbles. They're no good to you in the Corporate Hangar Array, once you're reinforced there's no way to access them.

2. Always keep spare Strontium on hand.

3. Always have Armour Logistics ships on hand to repair incapacitated modules.

4. Always have multiple hole rolling ships on hand and interceptors to run the gauntlet of interdiction bubbles.

5. Always have every pilot trained in Starbase Defence Management. With the low skill requirement now there is simply no excuse for not having it.


  1. Your assessment is mostly accurate, though you were unaware of certain relevant details.
    One, our roleplay aspects aside, we are basically pirates and although we enjoy a certain amount of "good fights" we are mostly interested in making isk via the difficult route of actual piracy. Ganking, ransoming and the like.
    Two, we had offered the inhabitants a ransom fee for their hole and they bluntly declined us. We always honor our ransoms and they're good for up to 6 months depending on negotiations. Therefore, we decided they had nothing more to offer us but the ships inside their POS and the shinies in their POS modules. And we will be selling the hole to a hopefully more amiable resident.
    Three, after you and your crew got inside, a rather large T3/Guardian fleet from Hole Control came inside during the early EU TZ and did what they do best. We are heavily weighted towards the US TZ and could not bring the forces to bear to repel them. Had we been able to do so, I hope you would have written about this experience differently.
    In the end, we walked away with several billion in loot from the POS, including the loot from the carrier you destroyed.
    Four, we have had a massive influx of new pilots and pilots that haven't done PvP in WH space. This eviction was a training operation for them and they preformed quite well. A lot of our FCs had never been FCs before and we allowed them to make the calls, even if they were too conservative by others standards. Next time, we might very well be able to offer you (or whoever we hit) the kind of content you clearly desire. We are slowly transitioning to a more upfront PvP corp, though we will never stop "delivering" munitions to all the residents of New Eden that we can. And we will always try to use the advantages of equipping a cloaking device and surprising our targets with maximum prejudice.
    So, thank you for your thoughts and Fly Safe!

    1. I was there when Hole Control arrived, your numbers weren't so different. Moreover, when you had maximum representation on and Hole Control had moved on, you went out of your way to deny anyone else access to the system, further denying yourself content and most likely a Capital kill.


    2. Pirates, eh? Sounds more like the average bully to me. No wonder wh folks consider Wingspan a joke.


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