Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Going Λlpha

When I had a few weeks off over the Christmas period I rediscovered my love for EVE. Without the time constraints of work and social commitments I was able to really enjoy the game again, go on some public roams and make some new e-friends. Accordingly, my blog exploded with activity too.

Sadly that time has passed and the reality of modern life means I just can't find the time for EVE any longer. I find myself logging in to reset my PI networks and little else, neither having the time or inclination to go hunting. So, for the first time in seven years, I'm going into Alpha clone state. As the situation is now I'm just PLEXing my account for training that may never be utilized and watching my ISK stocks dwindle for no good reason. It's by no means the end of course, I've got far too much time invested in EVE to say I'm walking away forever; but I honestly can't say when I'll be back in a serious manner.

I've had to make a few arrangements in my absence, giving one of my tenants defence and fuelling access for the citadels and moving out my bling fleet and replacing it with an Λlpha version. That was a surprisingly cost effective exercise, too. I've moved in fifteen ships that my Λlpha clone can fly, the only exceptions being a Gnosis and a Navy Osprey, and all up the investment was about 75 million ISK. Some of them aren't half bad, either. I can't say I'd be super confident in a fight, but I wouldn't be completely useless in a small gang situation either. The cruisers especially are pretty decent, all things considered. I especially like the Blaster Moa with an X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster set up. It still manages to crank out over 400 dps, there's no shame in that.

The one thing that's making this whole transition even easier is the EVE Mobile App. If you don't have it I really do recommend it. I get an immediate alert pop up on my phone when I receive an EVE Mail, so even if I'm not logging in and my Citadel is being sieged I can quickly and effectively be pinged out of game so I can form a defence fleet. If you don't have it, do yourself a favour. It's pretty damn handy.

Anyway, Bex signing out. For now.

Fly dangerous. o7