Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cancer in Remission

My EVE Hiatus is clearly back with a vengeance, logging in briefly at best, but long enough to get in on a nice Rattlesnake kill with the guys in the Wormhole PvP Channel and then some Procurer baiting with Trinkets, netting us a brick tanked Nighthawk. Despite the lack of activity however, I do like to keep abreast of current events in the EVE Universe and it was with some interest that I was directed to DOTLAN by a friend.

It seems Wingspan, or at least the Alliance of Wingspan, have closed their doors. There's a bit of scuttlebutt about the cause of this closure and the rumour I heard was that someone well placed in the Alliance dissolved it whilst making off with some goodies, but the source isn't exactly golden. I'm interested to know what transpired so I can gauge whether the cancer is indeed in remission or just waiting to bounce back into a complacent W-Space, infecting us with Stage 4 Anoikisoma.

If you have any inside information, I'm keen to hear it.