Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue Balls

I try to be civil with my fellow EVE players, be they hapless noobs or jaded bitter vets but you can't help but form certain opinions of those you encounter when you see the same pattern over and over again. I was reminded on Reddit about one particular Wormhole Alliance that I've had the displeasure of crossing swords with in the past in this article. La Division Bleu are infamous for never getting involved in a fight that isn't an absolute certainty or only fighting under conditions that will allow them to withdraw to HiSec without risk. You can try to provoke them into a fight and they will blue ball you until you say "Fuck this, roll the hole!" and then try to gank your rolling ships. Truly a class act and yes, that was sarcasm.

In recent times I've spoken of my disdain for Wingspan. The pattern is very similar to that of La Division Bleu, exclusively attacking either weak, defenceless or horribly outnumbered pilots. They make no secret of their tactics, indeed I dare say they wear it like a badge of honour. But really, there's no honour because there's no fight. It's just murder. Now, I don't take issue with this, I'd be a hypocrite if I did, indeed I thought with their expanding numbers there was a good chance they would front up for a decent fight again but alas, my hopes have been dashed. They seem mired in their play style and oblivious to what they're denying themselves.

A four man corporation occupying a Class 4 Wormhole is just the sort of seal clubbing exercise that Wingspan are currently intent on executing. Initially reinforcing and destroying a small tower, they have now also reinforced the remaining large tower. A cry for help was sent out and the promise of content wasn't one I was going to ignore; our player driven MMO needs these sort of events, after all. So our small band of Aussies, and I'm talking four pilots here, committed to come and die in the ships he had scattered around his POS to a force that was far greater than our own. A massive unknown in all of this is Wingspan's intent, however. We don't know if this is an eviction so they can claim the system or just something they're doing to drive content but it's presumed it's the latter, they're very fond of telling everyone "we're not satisfied until you're content" and whilst it's an amusing double entendre it's rarely actually the case, sadly. Either way, let's make best speed and die in a fire, at the very least it'll be something interesting to blog about.

It's upon arriving in the target system that their motives become really fuzzy. They're critting the holes, indeed rolling them when a pilot tries to enter system. They're actually preventing content. This isn't a thirty strong Proteus fleet with Guardian support, oh no, this is Bex in a Crow. I could maybe understand if it was indeed an eviction and an attempt to claim the system but the information I'm receiving is that isn't the case. So what is the point then? You set a timer so you can have actual content but then don't actually want a contest? I really do wonder if they know they're not actual space ships they're flying, they seem that terrified of losing one. The other variable is of course, profit. But anyone who's ever sieged a POS knows the victims won't allow their goods to fall into the hands of the aggressor. Every ship will be set to self destruct, insurance will be collected and the aggressors will get a POS killmail for their week of hard work. Worth it? I can't imagine how. But I guess I'm of a different mind. I'd rather fight and lose than not fight at all.

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