Monday, November 2, 2015

You've got a shitty Poker Face

Most evenings when I get home from work I log in at POS in my Astero and get to updating Siggy. Before I could do much of anything I was hailed in local. For those unaware, talking in local in Wormholes is like talking about Fight Club, apparently this guy didn't get the memo. Anyway, I was cordial enough and put eyes on the only way in or out of the system just to get a look at him. It was at this point he informed me he was leaving anyway and D-Scan reported he was in a Kronos somewhere. Curiosity piqued! Moments later, he logs off. Spider senses start tingling...

As I had about a dozen combat sites in system I was pretty confident I knew this guy's game. On the flip side, he knew Apex Bex was a resident in system so I had to make it obvious I was leaving and have an alternative waiting for him when he logged back in. Fortunately, my Sudden Buggery alt wasn't too far away so I made best speed in a Covert Neuting Legion and parked him in a safe, waiting for my quarry to log in. I didn't have to wait long. Only fifteen minutes later the Kronos pilot logs in and I take my time extracting Apex Bex from the Wormhole in another Legion so the eyes he has on the HiSec can see him leave. I left the HiSec system all together and had to wait about another ten minutes for the Kronos to resume his Sleeper farming.

I positioned the neut Legion at a pounce and waited for him to finish the site, warping in on the wreck he was tractoring when the last Battleship went down. Uncloaking just as I was leaving warp he didn't even react and was scrammed and neuted instantly. By this time my HAM Legion had jumped gate and was in warp to the entry when, yet again, my target pipes up in local.

I haven't ransomed anyone in ages, not since the days of capital bumping in Mai, and I'm not so poor as to need the ISK so his offer was not only piss poor, but I'm pretty sure he was holding out on me. It's about now that the HAM Legion landed and added a little more neuting pressure and the DPS required to finish the Kronos. He went down pretty fast without his X-Type repairer going and the loot fairy laughed and laughed and laughed. Bitch.

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