Monday, November 9, 2015

Mystery Depot

Lately I've been too lazy to run the sites in my C3 and I don't envision things changing with some pretty A grade gaming titles on the near horizon. On the plus side, it's given me some ganking opportunities that I don't normally see. There's been some Drakes and of course the Kronos last week but since then it's been kind of quiet. I had some PI housekeeping to do tonight so I logged in right after down time and as I am habitually D-Scanning on my warp to POS I notice a mobile depot that wasn't there an hour or so ago. Curious.

I combat scan it out and find it's owner is still logged off but I kind of got the feeling he'd be back for it. So I got to updating Siggy and ran a locate on the owner whilst researching his kill history. He was logged off in HiSec but only a few jumps from my static and his killboard was quite good with the exception that he hadn't made a kill since 2011 and he was in a one man corporation as of yesterday. Something tells me this is a bought account.

Armed with that knowledge, he logs on a few minutes later. Keeping eyes on the HiSec with a Stratios and the Depot with an Astero he dutifully jumps into system and off to a C2 connected to me. I warp the Stratios over to it and sure enough, two minutes later he's back through and en route to the depot. I was in a bit of a spot here; the Astero I was quite sure could tank the Tengu but there was no way I was going to break his tank either. I also couldn't re-ship as it was in D-Scan range of the POS so I decided to try my luck and wait for him to run sites. Fortunately, he did just that, choosing a combat anomaly well beyond D-Scan range of my POS. So I reshipped to my HAM Legion, specifically designed to tank Sleepers and gank site runners, warped off to a safe and sent the Stratios in for initial tackle. The Stratios is shield fit with neuts, it's a little light on the tank for this job, but it'll do just fine until the Legion lands.

From there everything went like clockwork .There was no mobile tractor unit to deal with and I managed to tackle him with only one Sleeper on the field. For once the loot fairy wasn't a total cow, either. Now I just have to wait 48 hours to crack open the mystery depot and see if there are any goodies inside. =]

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