Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Perfect Crime

Most mornings are pretty brief for me. I log in long enough to update my PI cycles, update Siggy and then log off to start my work day. Sometimes however, you need to make time for opportunities that come up.

A K162 connection from a C5 and probes on D-Scan told me there were actives in system. With a HiSec connection only a few jumps from a market hub I thought there may be the chance to grab a fat hauler before I shuffled off to work. So I waited on the connection with an Astero and at a nearby safe with a Rook. Minutes later there was wormhole fire and two Dominix class Battleships warp off to a combat site. Slightly unexpected, but I'll take it were I can find it. I follow them of course and do some quick kill board research to see how they're fit. A recent loss confirms they are remote repair set-ups with ECCM Casters, warp scramblers and webs. Moreover, the Tech II Ogres they had on the field indicated they were probably pretty well skilled, too. I put the word out for possible back up but no one was answering, the line was dead, I was on my own.

I'm pretty sure I don't have the resources to survive this engagement so I start trying to think of alternatives to disrupt their farming when a Noctis suddenly lands on grid and drops a tractor unit. Now there's a soft target I can exploit if I time it just right. So I bookmark the tractor unit for my Rook as the Noctis warps off to a safe and cloaks up. The Domis clean up the remainder of the site in short  order and the Noctis exits warp right on top of the MTU. As soon as I see the Domis aligning to another site, I initiate warp on the Rook. I landed a few seconds after they have left, scrammed the Noctis and start grinding it down. I jammed it for good measure in case it had ECM drones it felt like using and held on surprisingly long in structure due to the damage control and bulkheads it had fitted. But not long enough, however, with the Domis landing right on top of me as the Noctis went pop. But it was all for naught, having already aligned to a celestial I was in warp before they could even begin their lock cycle. Having paid their dues for farming in my system, I figure they can run the other three sites, I'm running late for work already.Fly dangerous o7

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