Saturday, November 14, 2015

Suddenly Buggered

I joined up with Sudden Buggery well over a year ago which is a pretty big deal for me. Finding AU TZ Corporations with good activity levels is tough going; many promise much, few actually deliver. As such, my Corporation history is a who's who of broken promises. But Buggery has delivered thanks to a core group of members who reliably log in and scout for content. Because that's what it's all about in Wormholes, really. Without content creators you're spinning in POS, too paranoid to do much of anything.

Sadly, it seems that time is coming to an end and the usual suspects are at play. Some of our chief content creators have had issues preventing them from committing to much game time and those who are more accustomed to being the flotsam of the corporation leave for greener pastures where they can continue to do little content creation but still whore on kill mails. Of course there are other factors; our US TZ experiment failed some time ago and Wormhole activity in general certainly feels significantly lighter, but the content creation factor is the primary one. Accordingly, we're pulling out of our C4 Black Hole, for the most part, and considering our options. I dare say most of us will continue on to the next stage together, whether that's part of Sudden Buggery or part of a mass movement to an already existing Corporation or Alliance is still up for discussion. But before we get into that there is a grand send off to be had.

Another Viking Burial is on the cards for our capitals in system. An Archon and a Phoenix will die in glorious combat, and hopefully the supporting fleet too, to give our old home the "so long and thanks for all the fish" it deserves. With any luck my next post will be one where I regale you with capital ship loss mails and tales of Battleships being alpha'd of the field by a blap Phoenix. In the meantime, if you're a significantly active Wormhole organisation with space for a few bittervets, hit up Trinkets friend with the details.

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