Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Process of Elimination

Op Success? The Laserchesis did its job, I just don't know that it was terribly efficient, taking over nine hours to complete, but at least it remained undetected. I failed to allow for passive shield regeneration in my calculations so 14,500,000 hit points turned into 16,824,260 hit points but it's not like I was camping the keyboard whilst it was underway so it hardly matters. Judging by a few sites that disappeared through the day and a static connection from a class 4 wormhole I certainly had visitors too, so I'll call that a win. That said, this evening I used a Naga to solo a tower down whilst I was watching a movie. More time efficient, less lazy. But, you know...

Two towers down, four to go. Only problem is one of them is Minmatar so the Laserchesis will be next to useless against it. I guess I'll be busting out the Naga again for that one... or perhaps an AFK Curse with a flight of Vespas...

In other developments, no less than thirteen shiney new POCOs have been erected and I lament a weekend of clicks ahead as I set up Wetware Mainframe networks across six characters. Still, with Wetware Mainframes selling at over 3 million ISK a pop, it's a pretty lucrative market. Profit's not a dirty word, after all.

Fly dangerous o7


  1. I ran a test Singularity to see if taking down a POCO was worth the effort for a single player. It isn't. I don't mind that the structure has a thick hide, I do mind that it remains alive even though its owners are long gone. Bring in refueling and end passive structures.

    1. Personally, I'd prefer that something like a POCO was able to be repackaged, either by its owner or by an aggressor using a hacking module of some description. You'd still have a reinforcement timer to give the owner a fair chance at defending it but save the aggressors the trouble of having to bash it down and replace it.


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