Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dead Sticks a go-go

Am I OCD if I just have to get rid of all of these dead sticks in my new wormhole system? There's six small towers cluttering up my D-Scan and it just won't do. The only speed bump in the way of cleaning up this mess is that I'm inherently lazy and you just know how popular an idea it is to float with your friends to shoot at dead sticks for a few hours, right? So I need a plan, preferably a plan that won't get me podded out of system.

I tooled around with the idea of some low skill, empty pod Coercers just pumping away, hoping no one stumbled upon them. I even thought about hauling in an Armageddon for maximum cap stable AFK DPS but I know the chances of those tactics remaining undiscovered for several hours is minimal at best. Time to start thinking outside of the box.

  • D-Scan invulnerability
  • Cap Stability
  • No reloading
  • Drones

And it was on this day that the Laserchesis was born. This abomination puts out about 460 DPS and is unscannable by combat probes. Moreover, it won't show up on anyone's D-Scan either. The only way I can be discovered is if some asshat stumbles upon the tower or combat probes the Hammerheads I have floating around me. Sure, there's a risk, but I think it's a small one plus I have Bob on my side. I've set this ugly plan in motion and I'm heading to work now. I wonder what awaits me when I get home...


  1. What would be the DPS loss with T1 hammerheads? visitors would be more likely to think some noobs left their drones behind and not even investigate when they see those on D-Scan...

    1. That's actually a really good point and one I didn't consider. I assumed that most people don't actively D-scan for drones [correct me if I'm wrong] because personally I have a separate tab for those instances when I need to target them. I don't imagine the DPS drop off would be significant, considering the AFK method it hardly matters, so yeah, if my Lachesis survives the day I think I'll do just that.

    2. In WH, My fist D-scan is focused on ships, probes and force fields. Once cloaked again, the second one is for wrecks, drones, towers and SMA.

  2. Hi,
    correct me if i am wrong. But i dont think you are combat probe imun with the lachesis, only not d-scan able. I thought about it too, and my idea was to just go for lasers only, cause if i see drones an a death stick, i probly launch combats or warp to the moon and take a look. So the drones makes the death stick interessting on d-scan, and maybe reveal your d-scan imun recon... But if you dont use drones, someone, who stumble across you system, have to take a look at a d-scan empty deathstick, what is in my means more secure!

    1. By default, yes the Lachesis is only D-Scan immune. However, they are notoriously difficult to combat scan [as are other combat recons] and with 5 ECCM going they are, if not impossible to combat probe, damn close to it.

      That said, any wormholer worth his salt will D-Scan or combat probe the drones down pretty quickly anyway.


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