Sunday, May 22, 2016

Astrahus Interruptus

It's kind of hazardous putting up a Citadel still. It seems everyone is pretty keen to get that unique notch in their belt and the drop mechanics in Wormholes make it a particularly appealing target, with 100% of the contents dropping. So it was no surprise that when an Industrial Corporation were discovered erecting an Astrahus Citadel in their Class 3 Wormhole system there would be plenty of volunteers in the Wormhole PvP Channel willing to come along for the assault. Absent of the notch myself, I went along too.

Our fleet was a little rag tag, comprised mostly of Stratios Cruisers and Stealth Bombers, but the system looked all but undefended and a cursory look at the killboard of the Astrahus owners gave little indication that there would be much resistance. I arrived early and kept eyes on the target as our fleet coalesced. 

It turns out we weren't the only ones interested in taking a crack at the Citadel, however. Just 15 minutes before the timer ended a dozen Confessors and a half dozen Deacon logistics frigates show up, sitting at a perch a few hundred kilometres from the station. Overload This were feeling diplomatic and arrangements were made to combine forces in destroying the station, albeit in different fleets.

Without question it's the most uneasy I've felt in any fleet. Hostiles on grid, in range and everyone with a finger on the trigger, it was the classic Mexican stand off. Things were very tense on comms too, a few people got very itchy trigger fingers and Archduke Franz Ferdinand very nearly took a bullet, if you get my meaning. I mean, how would you feel if your overview looked like this...

We held our collective nerve and finished the job. Overload This  dishonoured the  impromptu armistice, destroying a couple of ships as the fleet withdrew, but I was suspicious they would and had well and truly kept my distance. My Nemesis wasn't exactly cut out for Confessors with logistics support anyway. =]

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