Saturday, May 21, 2016

Popping the Cherry

I just can't seem to get a quiet moment. With the working week over I had resolved myself to finish setting up my PI network. For the last twenty minutes I've been scrawling plans to try and avoid bottle necks and over extraction and, as is my habit, I pause all of that to hit D-Scan once in a while. Sure enough I see a new signature and an Astero with Sisters probes out.


Better go hunting.

I need to act quickly as there's just the one Data site that an Astero might be interested in so I get some eyes on it and sure enough, there he is. Nef Nardieu has a pretty average history so it wouldn't look like bait outwardly, but he's slow boating between cans which is quite odd indeed. Spider senses are tingling but I'm thirsty for blood too, so I say "Fuck it, I'll bite".

With Night Fever resting on her laurels somewhere in HiSec and a pretty small selection of ships to choose from I get myself a nice warp in with the eyes and drop my dual repped Enyo on the Astero. No sooner have I scrammed him than a scram is returned. OK, maybe this is bait... Better check D-Scan.

Oh yeah, he's bait alright. I'm all in now, I'm going to at least take this Astero with me and win the ISK war. I overheat my blasters and get into a nice tight orbit, the Confessor lands and the name of Hero Nardieu instantly tips me off that he's an alt of the Astero pilot. Multi-boxing isn't easy, it's especially not easy with small ships that require micro management, so I was feeling pretty confident despite the odds. I bait tanked as long as I could with just the one repper but when I hit the armour alarm I fired off the ancillary repairer and turned off the Tech II one when my armour was almost fully restored. By now the Astero was dipping into low armour and I had to turn off my over heat for fear of burning out my guns. He succumbed moments later and in my haste to punish him for trying to bait me, I tried to tackle his pod instead of the Confessor. Alas, the pod escaped and moments later so did the Confessor, just as I was cycling my scrambler.

I offer a "gf" in local and none is returned. What's the Universe coming to, these days?


  1. Nice take down... I would not read too much into a "gf" not returned, especially if you know the opponent is multi boxing... priority is to handle the ships security over everything else after an engagement, and typing anything in local when multi boxing can be risky, including giving out another unknown alt if you do not do it from the right toon.


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