Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Price of Infamy

In my time writing this blog I've never made a secret of my location, my tactics or even my time zone. I'm an open book in that regard because I've always felt more security equals less content. I know there are others out there who don't see it that way and I can appreciate their viewpoint, indeed their position is probably vindicated by what transpired this evening, but it won't change how I go about it. I'd rather suffer a loss than stare into blank space, after all.

As you may have guessed, one of my readers stumbled across my place of worship this evening. Full credit goes to the pilot, he recognised the system and set himself to do what he's done several times before - snare himself a smart bombing Tech III Cruiser.

As is my custom, I logged in after downtime to update siggy and check my connections. I was only half way through the task when I noticed a Magnate on D-Scan with core scanner probes out. Now, being on a heightened level of alert about such explorers because of another one trying to bait me out, I viewed the character cautiously as he was quite young, had no history to speak of and... something just didn't feel quite right. Moreover, I had unknown signatures in system that I did not know and wouldn't know before engaging the pilot, so it may very well be bait. I sat at a perch of my POS in Night Fever considering my next move. The lack of intelligence sealed the deal for me. I wouldn't ignore the intrusion, but I certainly won't commit my most murderous of weapons to such a feeble task. An Astero loss to a bait Magnate I could countenance, but the Proteus I could not.

Sitting at a perch on the Relic site in my Astero, the Magnate soon landed and made his way to a can. I made my approach, uncloaked and tackled the explorer, only to have a scram returned and "wwwwww" appearing in local. I was immediately pleased with my earlier choice. A Stratios soon uncloaked and did what Stratios' do, neuting my capacitor, adding back up tackle and sending his drones after me. With cap injection and overheated repairs I managed to tank long enough to at least kill the bait, eventually succumbing to the larger version of myself.

My aggressor was a good sport, but I suppose it's easy to be magnanimous in victory, and was gracious enough to commend me for not letting Night Fever fall victim as several had before. As he tells me he visits my blog, I feel I must share this with him...

Just kidding, of course. Well played good sir; may we meet again. Now I have to go fit out another Astero and that genuinely annoys me, consider this inconvenience the salty tears of a bitter vet. I can never seem to get a connection close to my HiSec home base but at least I've got plenty of Sister's Probe Launchers lying about. ;)


  1. Hello again,

    Love the article. Just wanted to add the following:

    >> "I suppose it's easy to be magnanimous in victory"
    I consider myself defeated. My objective to bait the Night Fever has failed, even though I managed to kill an Astero :)

    You made the tactical correct decision and put yourself in the mind of the attacker, while I failed to do so, spoiled by the victories I had overs previous targets.

    Props to you and good hunting o7

    P.S. "wwwwww" in local was intentional, I sometimes do that when hunting solo to make the defender think more ships are incoming and buy me a couple of seconds of indecision. Didn't know what other toons/ships you had up your sleeve.

  2. Your conduct belies your affiliations, frankly. I've been scathing in my criticism of Wingspan's cowardice and risk aversion in the past, its good to know not all of their number are so inclined. Fly dangerous o7

    1. My side of story, if someone is interested:

  3. This is totally on point.

    And get a room you two :P

    1. Chance, is that you? :P

    2. I'm an idiot not retarded so I can't be him ;)


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