Sunday, January 31, 2016

Confess your sins to Bob

We make light of the learning curve in Eve, even after over six years of continuous game play I still learn new things all the time. Those lessons are far more nuanced than they used to be, admittedly, but I still get surprised by some crazy shit I didn't know almost every week.

Which got me thinking. What are the top five most stupid things I've done in Eve? Yes, there's a lot more than five, but for the sake of brevity...

5. In my early days of PvP [cough] I would can flip miners in HiSec belts. It frustrated me when they anchored Giant Secure Containers in the belt so I trained hacking to level 3 to mess with them. Yes, I really did.

4. Warping an alt in an Orca from my HiSec to my POS without scouting it first. Orca lands in a bubble 600km's off the POS greeted by a Hound, an Arazu and a Dominix. I had a couple of months worth of ice related products on board to make POS fuel with, too. Ouchies.

3. Rolling a NullSec connection with a corp mate, totally misjudging the mass limit on the hole and rolling him out in Red Alliance space, over 20 jumps from HiSec in a Faction Fit Abaddon. No, he didn't make it.

2. Tackling an Orca that was scooping a tower but my two Asteros were unable to break his shield regeneration. So I warped one out to re-ship for more DPS and soon discovered the Orca had warp core stabilizers fitted. -_-

1. Offlining modules in a POS in preparation to move out of a hostile system when I offlined the whole tower. Three haulers floating in the force field were killed by one bomb and I managed to online the tower 15 minutes later without anyone noticing. >_>

When have you been gripped by the dumb?


    Mhmm, much dumber than you!

  2. I personally like losing the Widow to War Targets in local after gloating that you got away the first time. I still have those logs and the KM :P

    I do remember that Orca loss tho.

    1. That was more bad luck than dumb, at least, that's my story.

  3. #3 - yes, that was still in my memory today you bastard. But I petitioned it and got it back ;)

    And myself, this last week I lost a little over 5b ISK due to holding onto some materials longer than I should have. By the time they sold the price had changed enough that I lost a lot of ISK.

    Too much :(

  4. When I started I used to get shakes so badly that in many cases I targeted the wormhole and shot it instead of the ship. I would then panic thinking it was a trap because the ship did not receive any damage. I am not a smart person...


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