Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Hunter?

With a few days off over the New Year period I've found the time to spend some time in the service of Bob, once again. Fortuitously, Bob has seen fit to give his humble disciple numerous connections to known and unknown regions and several lucrative Relic sites have been scattered around my home system to tempt any would be explorers into making their ritualistic blood offerings to the almighty one, whether they like it or not.

Amusingly, Captain Obvious paid me a visit today, again trying to bait out my Disco Proteus with a new character with no history and flying nothing more than a Magnate. If you're reading this, let me give you some advice. Try harder. As per his standard modus operandi, he completed a Data site and logged off with still more sites to be hacked, removing any doubt I may have had about his authenticity. Time to make a new alt, my friend.

Moving on, a K162 connection from LowSec had shown no traffic and whilst pottering about in the LowSec system I notice a Buzzard jump in and start probing. The name was instantly familiar to me and whilst I didn't bother to go through the sacrificial archives, I'm fairly certain he had made an offering to Bob in the past; history may be about to repeat itself.

A few minutes passed and sure enough, fire from the LowSec connection sees our friend in the Buzzard jump in, drop probes and go about his business. I was already at a perch on one of the Relic sites and predictably he landed in the site and moved towards the goodies. I liberated his vessel and fleshy husk, sending his conciousness back to HiSec whilst reciting the prayer. Scooping the loot, I cursed the loot fairy and went back to POS to get my clean up Catalyst. Just as I was about to warp back however, there was fire from a K162 C4 connection. It was well off D-Scan so I jumped back into Night Fever and waited.

My new visitor has no doubt seen the Buzzard wreck on D-Scan and the probes he left behind will linger for an hour yet, so I'm not expecting much right away. He scans the system quickly with his Anathema and jumps home, presumably to re-ship. I take this opportunity to salvage the Buzzard wreck and get back into position again just as he re-enters system in an Astero. It would seem the probes on D-Scan have alerted him to an opportunity to gank an explorer, or so he thinks.

After about forty minutes he's had enough of waiting around. The probes are still on scan but he's run out of patience and warps into the site I'm perched at to start hacking. Asteros are the reason I moved into this Red Giant system. Sometimes they'd get away from me without the buff to smart bombs but here they always explode, and this one was no different. Although you have to wonder what was with the pod...

Happy New Year!

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  1. As for the pod, check the market, some Mid grades are cheaper than other +3's, so he's just trying to save some money.


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