Saturday, January 16, 2016

Greed is a powerful motivator

So much for an extended hiatus. I realise now my burn out was self inflicted. Stalking prey in Night Fever involves a lot of waiting, and I mean a lot. Usually I'd just camp a HiSec hole and check D-Scan from time to time whilst watching a movie but quite often you can go days at a time without seeing a soul. This was even more pronounced in the C3 than the C2 as HiSec connections were much more infrequent and therefore transient traffic was almost exclusively limited to canny W-Space dwellers, less likely to fall for my wiles. Considering my want to do Sleeper sites is at an all time low the system became little more than a PI farm for me.

So a change is in order. My choices are limited because I'm a W-Space elitist. I hate NullSec with a white hot passion so I'm ruling that out. LowSec I've done before in limited style but the boredom game and the ever present local chat still grinds my gears. I've had some generous offers from AU TZ W-Space corps, some really good diggers that I have great respect for, but they live on the C5 Super Highway and that's pretty unappealing for me, too. I want somewhere I can live and fight 'micro gang' style where there aren't cynos or boosting alts, just good pure, fun fights and surprise buttsecks.

On the other hand, I have an ISK flow to maintain and with Wetware Mainframes now making over 2.2 million ISK a pop, that's something I just can't ignore. I don't need the ISK, no... but... I just wants it.

Having moved out of the C3 Red Giant I'm going to find my PI toons a cosy little C1 they can bake Wetwares in. My two combat characters I'm undecided on at this point, but HiSec/LowSec Wormhole diving with a friend or two seems likely at this stage. Where that may lead I can only speculate, but at least it's a start and it'll give me something to bore you about.

Uh, yeah. Thanks Gollum.

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