Tuesday, June 16, 2015

System Effects be Damned

Wormhole system effects add some great variety to W-Space and at Prolapse we're particularly fond of the Wolf-Rayet systems that give significant bonuses to small weapons, signature radius and armour tanking. We've been known to clear C4 and C5 combat sites in nothing more than blaster fit Enyos and a pair of Guardians. It's highly efficient on time, cost and anyone mad enough to try and jump you will have their hands full.

Tonight I was idling in TeamSpeak playing a little Company of Heroes when the call came from Herpy that he may have some action via a Frigate connection. I immediately logged in, jumped in my trusty passive shield Svipul and formed up. Soon after Herpy reports a Tengu in warp to a gas cloud to clear the Sleeper rats. It was then that I finally loaded siggy and noticed the system was a Wolf-Rayet Class 4. We were both in shield tanked destroyers... - if this goes bad I'm going to get the worst lecture from Trinkets...

We were committed now, there was no time to re-ship as the Tengu had already knocked off two of the six Sleepers. When the third one dropped we jumped in, waited for hero tackle from the Astero and warped in at zero. I was a little further off the Tengu than I would've liked, but quickly bridged the gap, latched on with backup tackle and let my Wolf-Rayet bonused guns pump 800 DPS into the hapless shield tanked Tengu. It disappeared quickly and with a Legion on short range D-Scan, we immediately popped the pod too. Moments later, the Legion lands. Being an armour tanked Strategic Cruiser in this system it could be a formidable nut to crack. It pointed and webbed me as I closed in, also neuting my capacitor to around 30%. My Nosferatu gave me enough capacitor to keep him scrammed however, and, as it turns out, he wasn't well tanked at all, sustaining only slightly more damage than the Tengu. His pod was dispatched, followed by the Tengu's tractor unit and we left cursing the loot fairy for stealing all of the shiney things.

Battle Report

For the unfamiliar, a C4 Wolf-Rayet effect is as follows: +72% to Armour HP, +144% to Small Weapon Damage, -43% to Shield Resists and -43% to Signature Radius.

Whilst the Svipul really only took advantage of the Weapon and Signature bonuses, and it's a shame I'll have to endure, the Legion and Tengu were making use of none of them, specifically. Considering this is their home system, these boys have a lot to learn. But hey, who am I to judge?