Sunday, June 14, 2015

Screw your ideas!

Expanding on where I left off with my last post, I decided to take to the EVE Online Forums and see what the playing public thought of my idea. A frigate sized industrial ship, based on the Venture hull, that would allow we intrepid Wormhole dwellers to carry various items via Frigate Wormhole connections.

I thought it was a fair enough suggestion. As it stands, frigate wormholes have serious limitations and, whilst they are great content drivers as they are, giving them extra traffic can only be a good thing, can't it? It's not like I'm calling for something stupidly overpowered, it would of course have stringent limitations for its very specialized role.

I'm also not calling for the agility properties or warp core strength of the Venture. Nor do I expect the Covert Ops ability or capacity of the Prospect. Just a general purpose industrial frigate with a Fleet Hangar of 4,000 to 5,000 cubic meters, based on skills. After all, the Venture already has an Ore/Gas capacity of 5,000 cubic meters that isn't skill based, so this is more in line with the fleet hangar properties of a Deep Space Transport, only far more compact.

Initial responses were somewhat positive, but then the trolls crawled out from under the bridge. The 'arguments' against are as follows:
  1. This sounds like a thread asking for a way to get towers into Frigate holes.
  2. A Heron can haul 1,000 cubic meters.
  3. Ore hangars aren't the same as Fleet Hangars.
  4. T1 Industrials have a lower base cargo hold.
  5. Scaling isn't right.
Let's address these one at a time.
  1. It's not, it's a fleet hangar. As such you cannot anchor anything from it.
  2. Capital modules are 4,000 cubic meters and if a Heron was good enough, I'd be using it.
  3. 5,000 cubic meters is 5,000 cubic meters regardless of what you put in it.
  4. They do, but those with specialized hangars have far more. Moreover, they can fit cargo expanding rigs and modules.
  5. Scaling does not exist in EVE. If it did, Jita 4-4 would have exploded from over population years ago. There are so many examples of bad scaling that it doesn't warrant discussion any further.
The finer details are the kind of thing I'll leave to CCP. Agility, Warp Speed, Bonuses, Tech level and the like are all best decided by those with a vested interest and understand how to maintain game balance.

Now, does anyone actually have a good reason why this shouldn't happen?