Monday, June 15, 2015


Most four month old characters in EVE Online are still just starting to make their way. Perhaps they're in a Tech II Mining Barge grinding ore, or looking forward to starting on level four missions in the near future, perhaps even making forays in a NullSec Alliance and honing their skills in PvP. What they shouldn't be doing is what follows.

Having to work for a living sure has its drawbacks. One such drawback in seeing your wingmen call for support as two Rattlesnakes had been spotted farming sites in a C4 shattered wormhole system and you're unable to join the fray. Rattlesnakes are a pretty lucrative target despite being a very affordable faction Battleship. Days gone by they'd sell for close to a Billion ISK, but Marauders and Bastion modules have seen them plummet to around 400. Still, you never pass up an opportunity to jump on one, or two as was the case this time.

Our boys formed up their quickly thrown together fleet composition of two Gilas, a Sleipnir and a Scythe, with Herpy stalking the prey in a hero tackling Astero. Tackle was made, the fleet landed and mayhem ensued. The Astero survived just long enough for back up tackle to land and hold the two Battleships and, despite tanking very solidly initially, the Rattles both went pop.

I don't think I'm an elitist, but I'm probably going to sound like one now. If you've been playing this game for less than five months, you really shouldn't be flying this ship in W-Space. In no way is this sustainable unless you're being financed by a character with more ISK than sense. Your core skills cannot be good enough to maintain effective capacitor regeneration in an active tanked Battleship and your drone skills, for such a definitively specialized ship, are surely going to be inadequate, too.

No one is complaining mind you. Eight billion on the killboard and a few billion goes into the coffers to run our POS's for a few more months, thank you very much. Just know your limitations. It's not like this is the first time.