Monday, December 26, 2016

Stranger Things

No, not the TV show. But this is one of the stranger things I've seen in Eve. In the endless pursuit of satisfying Bob's demands for tributes one comes to expect exploration frigates for the most part. There was, of course, the Nestor recently and whilst unexpected, it is at least purposed for the task. Imagine my surprise when D-Scan returned a Noctis, however.

I've seen an exploration Noctis once before and by seen, I mean vapourized. But we just happened to catch it on a Wormhole, not see it in it's un-natural habitat, scanning for sites. Now at least I have a screen shot to verify this rare beast exists, dropping into my system from HiSec and proceeding to burn 100+ km's off the connection, uncloaked, whilst probing the system.

I dispatched him, of course, and Bob was pleased. Another frozen husk to throw on His Holy pile.

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