Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Never Not Nestor

In my efforts to appease the insatiable lust that Bob has for sacrifices I have seen some unusual choices by capsuleers looking to quickly hack Relic sites. Everything from a Svipul to a Curse and even a Noctis once, so I shouldn't be surprised when I see a Nestor jump into my system from HiSec, should I? I mean, it gets bonuses to hacking, after all. Still, I was pretty damn surprised to see it first land on my HiSec entry and then jump in, warp off and cloak up.

I keep a skeleton crew in my Astrahus because my activity levels have been low in recent times so coming up with a good counter to the Nestor wasn't easy with the choices I had on hand. I settled on the Triple rep Myrmidon in the end, with some back up from a neuting Vexor to off set the active armour tank my target is probably sporting.

Dutifully, after a few minutes of sitting cloaked and probably surmising the coast was clear, the Nestor pilot began probing. Fortunately he knew what he was doing and didn't take all night to scan the six signatures in system and soon enough I had his position resolved at a Relic site, attempting to hack a can. I used my Astero to get in nice and close, called the Myrmidon in on top of the target and sent the Astero back to base to re-ship into the Vexor, if needed. Tackle went smoothly enough but I was making little headway through the Nestor's shields. Surely it's not shield tanked? Unsure that I had the cap boosters on hand to survive the engagement I called in the Vexor for some additional drone damage and neuting and it really was the factor that decided the fight. There's every chance I'd have run out of capacitor without it. The Nestor popped, the pod escaped and I surveyed the results.
One and a half billion ISK, not bad at all. As usual the loot fairy flipped me the bird but what she left behind wasn't all bad. I got three Geckos out of the deal and a Dead Space X-Type shield boost amplifier, I probably shouldn't bitch too loud. You have to question the use of a Nestor for such a job though, don't you? For less than a tenth of the cost an Astero will do the task just as well and with a whole lot better chance of escape. Herr Jefferson was a good sport about it, regardless. I hope to see him again sometime. :)

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