Monday, October 12, 2015

What's a D-Scan?

You really have to wonder what some people are thinking. I know when I'm ratting in W-Space I know exactly where every exit is and pay close attention to every signature that spawns. I'm not interested in being caught out whilst I'm making ISK so I take appropriate precautions. D-Scan is of course a pivotal tool to keeping your shiney ratting ship, too.

We rolled into our new static C3 to find a T405 connection to a C4 Wolf Rayet system. Upon jumping in scouts reported a mobile tractor unit and a Paladin on D-Scan with wrecks but no combat signatures to be had. We assumed we'd probably just missed our chance so the combat probes went out in the hope he was a bit careless. Well, we found his site but upon landing he was leaving and the Relic site he was running had been fully completed. So back to probing we go, finding another Combat Data site in system which was dutifully bookmarked should he be so reckless as to not have seen our probes on scan. We left a scout in system and withdrew to let things cool for a bit.

Not ten minutes passed and our scout reports that the Paladin has just warped to the Data site, incredibly. We were a little thin on numbers so we formed up in my Pilgrim, an armour Svipul and a Heretic, the latter both fitted with scrams as we had witnessed him using a Micro Jump Drive earlier.

As he was finishing the first wave off we made our move, with the Heretic and Svipul providing initial tackle as the Pilgrim lumbered in. Our prey remained bastioned for at least a couple of minutes as we waited for the three medium neuts to do their work, all the while hoping he wasn't cap injected. The incoming DPS from the Sleepers was formidable and already had our Heretic in 30% armour but fortune smiled on us and they switched their attention back to the Paladin, allowing our bubbler to stay on grid to catch the all important pod. With the Paladin now neuted out from over use of his smart bombs and constant cap pressure he quickly went pop and was sent to HiSec via the express route shortly thereafter.

This is probably the gold standard for a Paladin running C4 sites solo these days. A little over blinged perhaps but you won't see me complaining. But it begs the question.

Do you even D-Scan, bro?