Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Opportunists, engage!

It's funny how intent gets twisted toward selfish gain. EVE magnifies this in so many ways, the latest examples of which have been great fun to observe and participate in.

CCP's latest attempt at content creation has been geared around the Blood Raider pirate faction. Having, by far, the coolest looking skins of any Pirate Faction in the EVE Universe, and possibly one of the most interesting back stories, anything that sees more Blood Raider presence is going to be welcome. Popping up across New Eden without warning, the combat sites that have spawned are immediately rewarding. Successful completion gets you the sexy looking Blood Raider skin for the already sexy looking Abaddon class Battleship and the chance of a 24 hour skill booster that gives you either +10 or +12 attributes to your training. If you're fortunate enough to have Biology trained to level 5, the booster doubles its life to 48 hours. They're proving a popular item selling for over 200 million ISK in many parts, even after the market settling from the initial rush. The Abaddon skins are cheap to buy if you've been unable to secure one, but it didn't stop some early birds trying to sell them for a couple of billion when they first arrived. The only negative has been the implementation. Initially the boosters weren't even working properly; CCP were reasonably quick to correct the error but it's still a pretty poor oversight.

With the boosters being so popular, we've been madly rolling connections looking for as many as we could find, finding a few vacant wormhole systems with as many as seven sites unattended. Some are seeking profit, others [like me] just interested in the training buff, but whatever the motives, we're clearly not alone in seeking them out. Which led us to a nice little fight...

One of our scouts had picked up on a couple of Prophecies that had just started on a site. Knowing they'd be through it very quickly, we formed up as fast as we could and pounced on them just as they started on a Sleeper Combat site. There were lots of sleepers on grid and the remote repair Prophecies were well enough set up that we really couldn't afford to primary their tractor unit, so the loot fairy would decide if we would get their booster or not. As it turned out, the loot fairy wasn't in the mood, keeping the booster for herself. It would have been a rather drawn out engagement without the Curse neuting out the buddy of the primary target. Without his reps landing the first Prophecy went down fast and the fate of the second was sealed.

Regardless, content was created, fights were had and EVE has become a little more interesting, at least for a while.