Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Murderous Reputation

There are some nice changes coming to the EVE Universe, both in terms of game play and aesthetics. The Tech II Logistic Frigates and Navy Faction eWar frigates seems to be all anyone is talking about but it wasn't what grabbed my attention immediately. For me, it was the announcement of kill markers on ships.

Much like the dog fighter aces of wars gone by, when you land the killing blow on an opposing combat vessel your ship will be adorned with a decal displaying your victory. It does come with a catch though, these markers are tied to the ship, not the character, so if the vessel is destroyed or repackaged, the markings are gone forever. Which got me thinking...

My Disco Proteus has gotten me more kills than I care to count. I don't get into killboard heroics and as such don't have my API uploaded on any killboards recording all of my successes and losses, but it must be close to a thousand. One kill almost always turns into two and my blood sacrifices to Bob have been plentiful. Now, I'm told CCP already have the kill logging in place so when this feature deploys it's fair to say my Proteus will be adorned with an unknown number of shiney new decals. I wonder what people would pay for that?

Obviously I couldn't repackage the ship and proving the contract I was selling to the prospective buyer was the actual Proteus in question would be difficult and open to scams. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd even sell it as I'm really quite fond of the old girl. But it does beg the question, what would people pay for a hull adorned with lots and lots of kill markers?

I'm tipping there will be glory hounds out there who'd pay plenty for the privilege.