Thursday, July 23, 2015

What, me exploit?

Playing in the AUTZ has it's ups and downs. For PvP, it's mostly downs as the herd has been thinned out by neckbeards passing out at their keyboard whilst drool pools around their mouse. Of course, there's also RUS hour, as we call it; those hours just after downtime when our non ransom paying friends in Russia log in to stare at you until you fucking cry. On the flip side, it's also a good time to harvest your surrounding W-Space regions for ISK as you're far less likely to be dropped on by a marauding gang of...well...people like me. >_>

It was the PvE endeavours that led me to a profitable discovery recently. I had just dispatched a hapless Magnate pilot from system with Disco Inferno and down time was fast approaching. I thought as it was mere minutes away, I may as well re-ship and finish the Relic site he had started on. So this I did, getting through all but one can before the server closed down. Fifteen minutes later I log in after the restart and immediately warp in to the Relic site that I assumed was now gone, only to find it fully repopulated with cans to hack. Odd. This shall require further testing.

There has been a Barren Gas site in my home system for the past couple of days that I can never seem to finish. I get most of the way through the C50 and a new signature spawns so I go off to investigate, then down time comes around and I don't get the chance to finish it. Being the completionist I am, I went back to it again last night, started on the C50 again and scanned it to find 3,000 units. Again. Moreover, the sleeper rats are respawning after each downtime, despite being destroyed the previous day.

So here's my tip folks. Run everything you can until it's about to despawn. Leave that last wave of rats in the combat site, huff all but a few units of Gas from the cloud and hack all but one or two of your least valuable Relic cans. Then come back after down time and have another crack to double your ISK.

I have no idea if this was intended by CCP but I certainly doubt it was, so you'd better make the most of it whilst you can. Nerf bat will be incoming.