Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What explosion?

The move to my new Class 3 Red Giant Wormhole has been tremendous. Not only is the ISK flow outstanding for a lone operator, the bonuses in system make it just glorious for my Smart Bombing Proteus. I mean, I loved it before I was in a Red Giant system, now it's a downright infatuation.

Times gone by without the boost of the Red Giant effect roughly half of the Asteros I attacked
would get away in deep structure. All it took was a hardener or two, or perhaps a plate. More and more explorers see the value in the dual rep fit, it tanks very hard and can even defend itself quite capably against similarly sized vessels. The 58% bonus to damage and range has put that to rest, with this particular sacrifice going pop on the second volley of bombs.

Comfortable in the knowledge of the effectiveness of my favourite weapon I sat a lone figure in my system with just a solitary Data site occupying my scan results. I positioned myself about 180 kilometres from the closest warpable object whilst flying my other character in Sudden Buggery, popping a bunch of Prospects detailed in an earlier post.

Not long after that engagement I saw probes on D-Scan. With no new signatures in system they must have come from the HiSec connector. So I waited patiently and was soon rewarded with two Asteros from the same Corporation landing in my Data site. I'd dearly love to get a double header here but the cans were very well spaced apart, making the opportunity unlikely. Resigned to just getting one of them, I aligned to the older of the two characters and entered warp. Upon landing I was decloaked by the can he was hacking and just one volley from my smart bombs relieved him of his vessel. I immediately aligned back to my jump spot and the second volley sent his conciousness back to HiSec. I ignored the scoop and warped to my pounce, cloaking en route. Amazingly, the second Astero was still hacking another can, apparently oblivious to what had happened to his counterpart. I immediately warped to him, again getting decloaked by the can he was hacking and exacting an identical result.

Arse Tear Oh!

The Loot Fairy smiled upon me with both Sisters Probe launchers dropping, easily eclipsing the value of the Data site's contents. Moreover, I have some fresh corpses for Bob, too. =]