Thursday, July 2, 2015

Content HO?

It's moments like this that really bring a smile to my face. I was alerted to a thread on the EVE Reddit page by a friend that looks like this...
Wall of text incoming. On July 1st, I returned to my wormhole (J213411, a C3 Red Giant with a high-sec static) after a week of absence, and noticed a new medium POS. Noticing also that the previous inhabitants had packed up and left, I began to dig. Boy did I find something! The new POS had been put up by a corp called Boundless Exploration, an Australian TZ corp with 7 members (of which, several must be alts). Digging deeper into zkillboard yielded some additional information, and pointed me towards the CEO's blog... Detailed in said blog is the story of how their seven man group managed to extort two Archons and a number of structures off of the previous inhabitants only 4 days ago at the time of posting. Having warped to the moon the POS was anchored around while digging, I noticed two Ship Maintenance Arrays. Just the right amount to hold his two newly acquired Archons! Can you believe it? After I found all of this out, I sat back to contemplate the +3bil in assets in that one wormhole... with only seven people in corp. This is where my story turns tragic. Everyone who I know in game wants nothing to do with this content. Either can't do it, or don't really feel like it. So, I'm throwing this out there to all four people who will read this. Get in gear and blow it all up. Current High-Sec entrance is Komo, but I'f you're even remotely interested, ask for the current Static location, and you'll get it. Please make this happen.
TL;DR +3Bil in assets are only one medium POS bash away.

This was of course in relation to the recent eviction I blogged about earlier. What I'm trying to work out is if the guy who posted the thread was the one evicted [although he claims he isn't] or just a squatter calling my system his. Without a single online tower or even a POCO in your possesion I'm not sure how you come to claim a W-Space system, but whatever, have your delusions for all I care.

Most amusing is the level of detective work he's done. Killboard research, Corporation research, even reading my blog, although apparently selectively, finally coming to the conclusion that I'm a ripe target that'll just roll over. Quite the detective indeed.

Whilst I can't know who the mystery stalker is yet, I have my suspicions. Most notably is the Astero pilot I popped during the eviction, the old owners confirming he had been squatting in system for some time. I haven't seen him since but I'll be on the look out, regardless. I do love me some good old fashioned huntin'.

But really, here's hoping for a siege. They're great content drivers and I'll gladly lose those two Archons in a good fight, it's not like they cost me anything. So if you need an entry system, just ask. No need for the cloak and dagger, I'm very accommodating like that. =]