Sunday, July 26, 2015

System Effects be damned. Again.

I've written about system effects before. It still astonishes me how people just ignore the massive benefits or drawbacks that can accompany certain systems, and tonight's escapade was another shining example of that.

Today had been a pretty good day, not a lot of PvP happening but I got a lot of shit done. EVE can be job-like at times but at least Bob saw fit to reward my hard work and devotion on this occasion.

Whilst I had been shuffling masses of ships around HiSec in preparation for a siege, I noticed Hard Knocks had surprised some guys from Oruze Cruze who were trying to run my sites. I don't think they caught them, but they did knock off all of their MTU's and drove them out of my system whilst I was indisposed. Cheers Lazer Hawks, I owe you one. Upon getting my chores done I came home to update my chain and see what was what. Just the lone Relic site in system, but I was connected close to Jita so I was bound to find an explorer stumbling in at some point. Bob delivered, and a sacrifice was made in His honour.

Although satisfied with the result, the chain needed scanning and oh boy, did Bob deliver. I had a K162 connection from a C4 Wolf Rayet system that I hadn't had the opportunity to fully explore, so I jumped in and hit D-Scan. Popping up I saw an active POS but also a Vargur and a 'Packrat' Mobile Tractor Unit. No wrecks yet, but why else would someone have a spendy MTU out if they weren't about to kill some sleepers? I immediately alerted the guys on comms and got to finding my quarry. With only three combat sites in system it didn't take long. Fortune smiled on us as most of the guys were only a handful of jumps away, making best speed in whatever was handy, bearing in mind the system effect bonus to armour and small gun damage. The fleet very swiftly gathered on the entry as we waited for the Vargur to finish the site. Class 4 sites can dish out a significant amount of damage and we were without logistics support, so going in early would've been foolhardy.

Our quarry finished off the sleepers and started salvaging the wrecks gathered around him. Now was the time. I called the fleet to jump and hold cloak as I warped to within tackle range. Just before uncloaking I called them to warp on me at 0, then uncloaked and went for tackle. Tackle never happened as he immediately entered Bastion and locked up my tackle Astero. I had my repairers overheated in preparation for the Smart bomb I had seen him using so effectively on the Sleepers, but the Smart Bombing never came. It turns out he had refit for salvaging and pulled his Mobile Depot back in already. Well, by now his fate was sealed as the small gang landed and applied neuting pressure. The kill mail will show that despite the system effect, he still tanked pretty strong. In a Pulsar we'd have been there all day. But it wasn't a Pulsar, it was a Wolf Rayet, and he lost his Vargur, his pod and I got a Gecko to throw on the pile of other Geckos I'm afraid to use.

Bob is kind. :)