Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh HiSec, don't ever change...

Over the last few days EVE has more resembled a job than a game. It started with the Class 3 Wormhole Eviction involving several days of scouting and intelligence gathering, then the POS Siege itself, which went smoothly enough, then the horrible job of tearing down my old tower and erecting a new one. I thought tearing down the old one wouldn't be an issue as I always tried to keep my assets in system quite low; I failed miserably at that. Two Bowhead loads and two Freighter loads to get my stuff back to my HiSec hub, only to be moved into the C3 at a later date.

As of this morning, the job was largely completed. I had a few odds and ends at a HiSec system I had to collect so I directed a Prorator to Auto pilot in that direction whilst I went and had a shower. I'll spare you the details of my cleaning habits, but upon leaving the shower I catch a glimpse of my monitor to see the clone activation screen. Uh-oh. Initially I thought I had set my route through LowSec but fortunately I wasn't that stupid. No, it was our 'friends' from CODE, carving out their own little niche of irrelevance in HiSec. Shortly after, this was the mail I received...
You are reading this because you were discovered illegally autopiloting in territory controlled by James 315 and the New Order of Highsec, resulting in the unfortunate destruction of your vessel and/or clone.  Autopiloting without a permit is prohibited under the New Halaima Code of Conduct.
You may purchase an individual mining permit from myself (or any Agent of the New Order of your choice) for the sum of 10 million ISK for the period of one year.  Please be aware that permits can be revoked should you be found afk and unresponsive at any point.
Should you wisely choose to purchase a permit is highly recommended that you display it in your biography for the convenience of Agents in field, as it is impossible for all Agents to set standings for all permit holders.
If you have any questions or (civil) complaints, you should preferably direct them to me or The Code FAQ.  James 315 will certainly read any mail you send him but saving highsec keeps him busy and he cannot reply to every message.
I hope you have a nice day and fly more safely than you were when we met.
Now, I don't judge. After all, I've been known to send a bait mail to victims of His Holy Fire before, so I thought the best response was to slip on my role playing hat and advise him that he was following a false god.
Your demands have no meaning to a Disciple of Bob. Whilst I forgive you for your actions, only Bob can decide what fate shall await you in His realm. 
May Bob have mercy on your soul.
Note to self, use the Uber tanked Impel when Auto piloting through HiSec in future. And of course, what would being a part of Sudden Buggery be without an award for all occasions?