Thursday, June 11, 2015

Warp to who?

So in their infinite wisdom, CCP have seen fit to implement a major change with the July patch. Wing and Squad Commanders will no longer be able to wing or squad warp their gang to a bookmarked or probed location.
As announced on the o7 show we are making some changes to fleet warp. Fleet Commanders, Wing Commanders & Squad Commanders will no longer be able to warp to anything a fleet member couldn’t warp to on their own. This includes –
  • Probe Results
  • Bookmarks
  • Any private deadspace item (missions, etc.)
Commanders will still be able to warp their fleet to other fleet members, and all other ‘public’ objects.
The goal of these changes is to encourage more individual fleet member participation and reduce the speed at which fleets can get on top of targets (e.g bombers).
What does this mean, exactly? It means that in the absence of an Alliance Bookmark mechanic, things will move much more slowly in W-Space. The Prolapse Alliance of which I am a part has three active corporations scanning our chain at various times of the day. It's already tiresome to have to warp them through the chain when we're moving in a direction they haven't scouted personally, now we'll have to warp to it, wait for them to warp to us, bookmark, and then jump through and repeat. You're essentially doubling your travel time.

If we had Alliance Bookmarks I could live with this change but I am really at a loss to understand the logic behind it. Admittedly, I am seeing this from a Wormholers perspective; we live and die by our bookmarks. Credit where it's due, CCP have made giant strides forward in this area in recent times, but this feels like an enormous step backwards and a decision that was made, frankly, with scant consideration for Wormhole dwellers.

The head explosions on the forums are already underway and CCP claim they're open to discussion on the topic, let's hope that's true. Moreover, let's hope Corbexx can earn his keep as our CSM lest we leave everything to Chance. *rimshot*

Did you see what I did there?