Friday, February 12, 2016

FAux Pass?

The most recent Dev Blog regarding the Force Auxiliary Capital ships is essential reading if you're a cap pilot. Due to player feedback, or most likely head explosions, CCP have decided to do away with the Force Auxiliary skill books that had been seeded on Tranquility and decided to just swap any carrier with a triage module for the racial equivalent Force Auxiliary when the March release lands. It seems like a common sense move considering how essential Capital Logistics are to Null Sec entities; sovereignty may have come down to who won the race to build the most FAux Caps the fastest. Now at least those who are dependent on these ships won't be too inconvenienced by the change.

But I'm not a dedicated Capital pilot and I don't really give a rats arse about NullSec, either. I've got Amarr, Caldari and Gallente Carrier and Dreads to level IV and the frequency at which I use them means I'll probably never train them to level V, but I am forced to assess what to do with my current Archon and Chimera as they slowly rust to dust in Aurohunen. The idea of a DPS Carrier has a certain amount of appeal even if it has limited usefulness to me but on the flip side, the ability to use those Capital reps can come in handy from time to time, too. So do I fit a Triage module or take a pass and see what sort of a monster drone boat I can turn my Chimera into?

This is probably going to seem profoundly vapid, but I think I'll be going with the Force Auxiliaries just because they're the shiney new thing and because of the terrible pun I made in the title of this blog entry. After all, the models do look pretty damn sexy. That said, I'm open to arguments for keeping the old carriers, too. The prospect of the double or triple Capital Ancillary Shield Booster fit Chimera with lows dedicated to Drone Damage Upgrades and the remaining mid slots for DPS application sounds like a metric shit load of fun. But who am I kidding? It's not like it'll have enough CPU to fit all of that anyway, it's still Caldari.

So what's your plan?

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