Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Scourge of Wormholes

Anyone who has spent any time in low class wormholes has seen it. It is the scourge of Wormhole space and the crowning achievement of the risk averse PvP pilot. I speak of course of the testicularly challenged men and women of New Eden who choose to sit on a HiSec exit with a Heavy Interdictor, snaring whatever prey happen to jump in. They of course are after the low hanging fruit. Haulers, Explorers, nothing that can actually defend itself or provide a good fight. Should the unthinkable happen one just needs to jump out to HiSec and the protection of Concord so their precious Interdictor and killboard are saved from the disgrace of a loss mail.

It never used to be a problem. To be fair, it's not a problem now to anyone with some common sense, but it is not in the spirit of PvP combat. I know as someone who regularly smart bombs mostly defenseless explorers back to HiSec that might come off as a little hypocritical, but I am still putting myself at risk. A little effort would bring my plan undone in a heartbeat and there's no HiSec for me to safely jump to. I understand no one wants to lose their vessel, but it's important to remember that it's really just pixels and - I really can't stress this enough - no one gives a damn about how your killboard looks but you. Seriously, get over it. Before the jump distance changes on Wormholes this sort of sighting was rare. Even an Orca would land within the 5 kilometer radius to jump back out again, so there was absolutely no danger when jumping into a Wormhole. Now a Tech 1 Industrial will often land 8 km's off the aperture, easily allowing the camping Onyx the opportunity to relieve you of your vessel.

So, in the spirit of eliminating such risk averse tactics from W-Space, I got to thinking. Perhaps some subtle changes are in order?

I think the most obvious solution is a weapons discharge timer. After all, you can't re-ship from your Ship Maintenance Array until a minute has passed, why couldn't the same be said of a Wormhole? I'm not suggesting it to be just for HiSec connections either; personally I'd be open to it being the case for all wormhole connections. If you're going to take part in a fight, you should commit to it.

I would also like to see an increase in the distance you spawn from a wormhole when jumping through. Nothing too significant; indeed you could achieve the same effect by reducing the jump range from 5,000 metres to 2,500 metres, the purpose to make withdrawing from a fight just a little more challenging but certainly not impossible. It makes sense, doesn't it? Star Gates and Acceleration Gates all require you to be within 2,500 metres, I'm not reinventing the wheel here or anything.

Not only would such an action rid HiSec connections of people who have no place calling themselves PvP pilots, it would dramatically change combat in W-Space and certainly make people re-think their doctrines. Frankly, I'd settle for it only happening on HiSec connectors, but I'm curious as to how others might address it. Call me crazy.