Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Getting the Band Back Together

The usual suspects are coming together. It seems like all of the old crew are coalescing to reform the next iteration of the Prolapse Alliance. Trigger Warnings is that new iteration and I'm climbing aboard for the luls and gudfights. We're getting the band back together.

It begs the question, of course. What is the catalyst for the recent burst in activity in EVE Online? New players and old are returning out of the clear blue sky. I'm sure Alpha clones are playing a part but that's most likely just helping to seed the player base for the future, not bring back bitter vets into activity. Could you seriously come back to the game with 100 million skill points and just stick to T1 cruisers and below? No, me either. I'd re-sub.

I've really only been back playing seriously for a week but the difference is tangible. In all areas of space there is increased player activity. Even the barrens of wormhole space have seen an up tick. More explorers, more ratters and, as expected, more hunters. I think the big changes are in NullSec and LowSec, however. The changes to Carriers and Rorquals have been an amazing shift. In days gone by a ratting Carrier wasn't easy to find and was even harder to catch. Rorqual kills rarely happened at all because they so rarely left a POS, Dreadnaughts were an easy kill for a group of sub caps. Now Carriers are way too powerful to not use for ratting, the ISK per hour potential is enormous. The same goes for Rorquals. You can mine more efficiently than ever before and the Panic Module means surviving a hot drop is a reality. Dreadnaughts can be one man wrecking machines in the right hands. I've already seen that with Bomber's Bar this week. Ratting carriers everywhere, Rorquals in space and hunters keen to try their luck.

Well played CCP, you've breathed new life into our game.

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