Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rolling Heavy

Once again the Viking Burial didn't exactly go as predicted but the exchange was a glaring reminder of how tough it can be to bring down a fleet with decent capital support. It started off messy with our Archon and Boosting pilots getting the times wrong, leaving us scrambling to find a pilot last minute that could use Tech II Triage. Dropbears were good about it, waiting patiently for us to get our collective shit together and sharing their fleet composition with us just in case we thought they weren't coming. Iyokus saw the fleet comp and muttered "hold me" in comms, but we had Haywire and Wrong Hole coming in support of our feeble numbers so a good fight was on the cards.

We started off with the Archon, Phoenix and a few support Battleships about 250km's off of a POS with the sub cap gang waiting on one of our statics. Dropbears seemed to like the look of them more so the fight kicked off on the static making us scramble the capitals to the hole in support of the sub cap fleet. It didn't sound great over comms with the ad hoc FC doing his best to keep the situation under control and before we'd even landed at least three of our friends had succumbed to the firepower that the Dropbears had assembled. They had a well balanced fleet with brick tanked neuting Legions, marauding Proteus' for DPS, strong Guardian support and a couple of Jamgus that seemed to be rather attracted to my Armageddon. Throw in the Bhaalgorn for good measure and they were a tough nut to crack.

The Triage Archon was really the game changer here. Our subcap fleet's four Guardians couldn't outrep the incoming DPS but that all changed with Capital reps on the field. Add to the mix a Phoenix loaded up with target painters and with a C4 Black Hole effect, application of the Citadel Cruise Missiles was pretty damn efficient. I spread my neuts among the Proteus' early, just to stem the DPS until the Jamgus obviously responded to the cries of the capacitor reliant DPS ships. Despite being ECCM fit and with level 5 compensation skills, they still got regular jams on me, forcing me to switch my attention to them and neut their jamming abilities. I deliberately left their Guardians alone, it was the only thing that would keep them in the fight after all, and the FC did a pretty stellar job in switching the DPS when needed to cut down opposing fleet one by one.

The end result, I believe, saw that we didn't lose a ship once the caps landed. It was a great fight but alas, the capitals live to fight another day. There'll be another attempt to see these caps die soon, all things considered I think we owe Dropbears that. After all, there's every chance a few of us will be wearing their tags before long.

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