Friday, November 27, 2015

Baby Guardian?

Discussion is underway regarding the eagerly anticipated Tech II Logistic frigates and you can toy around with them on the Singularity server now. With the Guardian being the overwhelmingly most popular Logistics cruiser, I thought I'd take a look at it's baby brother first, the Deacon. First off, a disclaimer: Whilst the ship is on Singularity and you can fly it, the skill book is not, so the details as you see it here won't take into account up to 25% more capacitor and 25% more armour hitpoints. Keep that in mind when I start with the numbers.

Visually, it's an Inquisitor with a skin. You will notice the thruster animation is a little different, but that's just one of the visual changes to all ships coming in the December release. Fitting is a lot more versatile than the Tech I counterpart, however. Not so versatile as to allow for oversized repair modules, although you could probably shoehorn one on there, but versatile enough that you could oversize the propulsion module, albeit at the expense of significant amounts of tank. So I've gone with what is a pretty unsurprising fit for the sake of exercise. A 400mm plate with decent resists and an afterburner to keep the signature small. It's not terribly fast, cranking out about 900 or so metres per second but with level 5 skills you should have roughly 10K EHP. That's pretty durable for something only 31 meters long. My fitting window shows a little over two minutes of capacitor with everything going; again, at all level 5 that should be closer to three minutes, but the capacitor booster is there for good measure because a medium neut will ruin your whole day without it. The last item is a Signal Amplifier to increase the ECM resistance. The lack of a third mid slot leaves you little choice, really.

I can see these being a pretty valuable bit of kit with a gang of Confessors, Hecates or Svipuls pouring through frigate sized wormholes and taking fights they have no business to take under normal circumstances. Then of course there are those burner missions in HiSec, although I understand people use the Tech I variants just fine in those too. Either way, a welcome addition, but I'm keen to know how you might change the fit out. Let me know.

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