Saturday, August 15, 2015

Location, Location, Location...

Success with Night Fever very much depends on where my static HiSec leads. If I'm connected to an out of the way system without any through traffic I'll quite often go the whole day without any visitors, so it was with some gleeful anticipation that I connected to Sehmy yesterday, just two jumps from Amarr and one from a Rookie system and several popular mining systems. It's where I was born as an EVE player, so I knew the region well and was confident it was well farmed by the locals. As often happens a couple of hapless newbies wandered into system together, presumably thinking there was safety in numbers. Honestly, I thought the first one would run screaming from system after his friend exploded, but greed is a powerful motivator and he followed his friend out to HiSec in similar fashion a couple of minutes later. Fortunately for them both, Bob does not discriminate who is deserving of His love and as His chosen vector of love, I took great delight in educating our newest brethren on His Glory.

Now, newbies need converting, of that there is no denying, but it's the heretics who deny Bob's existence that I am charged with educating. This morning, such a heretic wandered into Bob's realm.

I had only just finished doing my morning PI resets when I noticed a distant signature disappear. Fairly certain it was one of the two Data sites in system I immediately jumped into Night Fever and headed to the second one. Moments later an Astero landed in the site and started scanning the cans for content. It's not something you like to see, especially in a Data site, the things are devoid of value and most explorers will just pass them by, but this chap had a track record of completing them so I aligned to the can closest to him, regardless.

Sure enough, he began his hack, I warped in on top of him letting the can uncloak me and setting off my five smart bombs in fast succession. The second cycle of the bombs saw his ship detonate and the pod an instant later. Satisfied with the result, I scooped the contents of his wreck and his corpse for a blood ritual at a later date, and returned to POS. It was a nice Astero. The Loot Fairy, damn her to Bob, saw fit to make off with most of the goodies, but the return was a nice one, regardless. The truly shocking part of this particular sacrifice was yet to come.

I'll just leave this here.

Oddly, no Omega hardwiring to get the most from a High Grade Slave set, but in hindsight I guess it was for the best.