Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bittervet is bitter

When I set myself to Disco explorers back to HiSec for the Glory of Bob, I don't discriminate. I don't care if you're a day old newbie in your first Magnate or a bittervet who doesn't even know why he's farming ISK anymore, Bob's appetites cannot be sated. From a personal point of view, the bitter vets are certainly the most desirable.

It's a regular Wednesday morning and I'm camping the only Relic site in my system with the Proteus that has served me so well. A new sig pops up and moments later so do the probes. Excellent! The visitor is from an Illusion of Solitude C4 system and after a few minutes he seems to have found what he was after, moving his Viator back and forth through the HiSec. I considered crushing his wormhole home but a scan in system indicated he had friends online so doing so undetected would be unlikely. I resolved to wait and see if his greed would get the better of him.

I didn't have to wait long. A Helios lands in the Relic system and the result was predictable. What wasn't expected was the fury.

Dean Mintar > little faggot
Apex Bex > Bob thanks you for your sacrifice.
Dean Mintar > figures you would be a bob fucker
Dean Mintar > i like fucking people like you
Dean Mintar > :)
Dean Mintar > catch you tomorrow ;)
Apex Bex > unlikely
Dean Mintar > and everyday until i get that proteus

Clearly an alt of the victim, and apparently I've made a new friend. No doubt he won't be the last to try and catch Night Fever, but if he's successful, he will be the first. =]

Fly dangerous. o7