Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New Beginnings, Old Habits.

 Hello everyone, it's been a minute. Unless it's not painfully obvious, I've been drawn back to EVE Online one more time. I really can't say if it'll last, but there seem to have been sufficient changes in the last few years that I am once again finding myself quite ignorant of many aspects of this vast game. Filaments for example, what the hell are they? And who are these new factions? Interdiction nullifiers, gas compression, AFK cloaky mechanics - just so many things to re-learn! But that's the beauty of it, isn't it? I think EVE lost me when I didn't feel like I had anything new to discover and the aspects that I did enjoy just asked way too much of my personal time.

One thing has changed only slightly, however. The Disco Proteus is still a thing, albeit slightly less devastating than it was previously and without interdiction nullification 'baked in'; it has taken a little getting used to.

The revised fit is as follows, but there may be changes afoot. 

Less shiney than the previous version and untested versus an armour tanked Astero thus far, it still deals with Explorer pests and Mining frigates in Anoikis with startling reliability. Not startling to me of course, just to the victims of Bob's divine light.

I've found myself an industrial corporation with good representation in my timezone to hang my hat. They're heavily involved in supplying the Minmatar War Effort with Faction War Capitals and seem like a good bunch of guys. I may try my hand at some of that as time goes on but personal time constraints are a constant concern, so I'm really just trying to satisfy blood lust right now. Graciously, BoB has provided some entertaining engagements. First was an Edurance that AFK Mining in W-Space, his conciousness quickly making its way back to HiSec, a little later he tried using a Venture to bait me, and I took that bait, but the Cloaky Proteus he had in support was way too slow to catch my already cloaked Disco Cruiser. Sadly, his presence denied me collection of his frozen husk, but I already had one, BoB has no use for two identical souls.

A couple of days later, some intrepid explorers wandered in to my home system to bask in BoB's glory also, and like the servile initiate that I am, I greedily obliged. Just a week into my return to EVE and the Disco Proteus has five Killmarks. :)

More to come...