Friday, May 5, 2017

Bob's Reach is Infinite

As a Blood Priest of Bob the almighty there is no respite from service. There are countless heretics that do not know or even denounce His word and my duties as a Blood Priest do not cease when working on my less conspicuous characters.

Whilst working on my HiSec logistics on some non-combat characters I was surprised to see someone in local giving praise to a false prophet. I of course took the opportunity to correct this slight against Bob.

But this particular heathen would not be silenced, not only denying the undeniable, but also throwing down the gauntlet, choosing trial by fire to prove his point. Blood priests are all too familiar with such slights against the Almighty and even on a lesser character I would not be dissuaded from enforcing the Law of Bob.

I dutifully reshipped into a Tristan in full Quafe livery to defend the ideals of the Father of Anoikis and made my way to the rally point at the sun. Equipped with three energy neutralizers, an armour tank and tackle to manage range control I warped to the sun to see what gift Bob had brought me, so far from his natural habitat.

The fit is untested and, in hindsight, capacitor management was a handful. In future I'd probably drop two of the neuts for a pair of Nosferatu, but there was scant time for second guessing the fit.

I arrive at my destination to find a non compliant Moa fit with rail guns. I call him on his bluff and send him a duel invitation that he dutifully accepts and combat commences. Initially he enjoyed the range buffer he had, quickly dispatching the shields of my little frigate and sending his Acolyte drones after me, too. It hurt, no question, but three volleys were all he could land before I set an optimal orbit, applied tackle and outpaced the tracking of his guns. His two drones soon dispatched it was just a matter of wearing him down from there, pulsing my neuts from time to time to maintain my own capacitor until he finally succumbed. May Bob be with him.

Not a combat fit, no. But if I learned anything from my early days griefing industrialists in HiSec, it's that they seldom have a clue how to get the most out of their ship.

By his own admission that loss cost him about two thirds of his net worth and, as sad as that is, I'm not about to let the guy struggle to survive because he did not know of Bob. My fellow Blood Priests and I all donated to his cause so that he might bounce back and spread the good word.

Praise Bob!

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