Friday, October 28, 2016

Fit for Porpoise

With the update to Singularity curiosity got the better of me so I logged in to look at the newest addition to the ORE fleet of boosting vessels, the Porpoise. It's a ship that should be of particular interest to wormhole residents not just for its boosting properties, but because it can take advantage of frigate sized wormholes and the ores and ices that lay within.

The new feature of interest however, is the range bonus it receives to medium remote shield transporters.They can stretch their effectiveness to well beyond thirty kilometers and when your boosts have a range of about twenty five, it's perfectly suited for keeping your mosquito mining fleet alive.

Used in a shattered wormhole system that only allows the passage of frigates and destroyers it adds a layer of survivability to otherwise low hanging fruit. Of course, the ship laying down the shield reps had better have survivability itself or it's all for nothing. In keeping with that thought, I came up with this.

Set up as a mining fleet booster and logistics platform it's actually pretty durable. With the afterburner going it's able to maintain a capacitor level of around 40% as long as you have cap booster charges. Importantly, it has 64,000 EHP with which to sustain incoming fire. With a flight of five medium drones it's not totally unable to defend itself either, put a drone damage amplifier on there and the DPS goes up to over 200. Enough to make any frigate take note. It's still going to fall, make no mistake, but coupled with a pair of well tanked Procurers it could be a hell of a job and the outlay of ISK required will not be so steep as to make it an unacceptable risk.

I'm quite certain that someone enterprising is already developing a bait version of this ship with some sort of absurd shield recharge tank; I'm looking at you, Trinkets. You take the bait and suddenly a swarm of small shield tanked ships are upon you, getting combat boosts from the bait you've bitten, just to rub some salt in the wound. Should make for some pretty decent lol-mails. =]

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