Sunday, July 3, 2016

Multi Boxing is Hard

With a day off from work tomorrow I had some free hours to invest in the service of Bob post down time. Clearly Bob was pleased by this turn of events and immediately gifted me an Astero in our home system. What a splendid start to the evening! I moved on down the chain searching for more post down time activity and stumbled upon a C4 with a few active pilots shuttling goods around in a pair of Occators. The first instinct was to set up camp on the Lava planet customs office but it soon became evident that it wasn't PI goods they were moving, it was equipment from a pair of POS to their newly anchored Astrahus Citadel.

The POS towers and the Citadel were parked quite close together however, so setting up a drag bubble would be impossible without being spotted. Moreover, the Occators weren't moving simultaneously, with one idling on the undock of the Citadel as the other ferried goods back and forth. We surmised that the pilot was multiboxing both characters so we took a punt and set up a trap anyway, about 600 kilometres off of the Citadel, in full view of one of the Occators. Our Devoter then warped in, popped his bubble and waited. Several minutes passed as I watched over the other Occator idling in his POS and we were pretty close to calling it off when, unbelievably, the Occator began picking up speed. Sure enough, he was heading straight for our poorly concealed trap.

Yes, that really just happened. I mean, I can understand someone not checking D-Scan, but this guy was on grid with us on his other character. A second monitor could be a sound investment, lest people might think you're as dumb as a box of hammers.

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