Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Target rich environment

With my peculiar working hours, Tuesday is to me what Saturday is to most. Logging in on Tuesday morning there was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen in my C3 system, but I went about updating my bookmarks and siggy and started exploring my chain.

It's always pleasing to find some fresh Null rated Relic sites, they're like an iresistable candy for the HiSec explorers dipping their toes in W-Space. As luck would have it I had a couple of fresh ones so I bookmarked pounce spots and kept cloaky eyes in system whilst I went about resetting my Planetary Interaction harvests across six characters.

Before long I had a connection open from a C6 occupied by Haywire, an Aussie TZ W-Space entity that we are blue to when it counts, but all bets are off under all other circumstances. Being alone at the time I waited patiently as I had seen numerous pilots of theirs traversing my HiSec route. I just needed one of them to take an interest in one of my Relic sites. They obliged shortly after, landing a Buzzard in the site I was watching over who quickly made his way to the first can. I wanted to get this over fast, before reinforcements could arrive, so I immediately activated warp to the can he was scanning. Unfortunately, he didn't like what he saw in that can and moved on to the next one, the problem was I couldn't cancel warp fast enough and got decloaked upon landing with his Buzzard beyond the range of my Smart Bombs. He immediately warped off  and I went back to my pounce lamenting my missed opportunity.

Only a minute later he's back and moving towards a can. Spider senses start tingling. He had back up on field now, of this much I was sure. Undeterred, I aligned to his can and warped to 10 km's. I then aligned a celestial behind my target and as I was approaching speed to warp I uncloaked and let loose with all my smart bombs, vapourising the Buzzard and the Pod as a Stratios uncloaks right next to me. I initiate warp to my celestial and I'm gone before the Stratios has even had the chance to yellow box me. It was the perfect crime.

Turns out my day of murdering hapless explorers wasn't over. Over the course of the day an Imicus worth 95m ISK went pop, complete with his Sisters probe launcher and RSS probes, a Magnate, a Cheetah and two Asteros with Warp Core Stabs a go-go. My smart bombs care not for your warp core stabs, heretics!

Attempt number 2 of the Viking Burial will take place this weekend, all things going smoothly. Expect to see me regaling you of epic Archon losses shortly thereafter.